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Project Rationale

Due to the rapid economic growth in Penang, there is an urgent need to improve connectivity, meet travel demands and to enable public transport to perform efficiently in line with the recommendations made in the Penang Transport Master Plan Strategy.

Studies was carried out during the preparation of the Penang Transport Master Plan. It was revealed that the present traffic pattern during peak hours in the morning is 225,000 person trips while during the evening peak hours, the movement is 250,000 person trips. This is based on both private and public transport travelling on the Penang Island itself.


The study also revealed that the average trip speed during morning peak hours within Georgetown area is 31 km/h. Based on the current trend coupled with the anticipated population growth in Penang by year 2030, the average trip speed of vehicles travelling during morning peak hours will be “crawling” at 24 km/h only, if the roads in Georgetown remain as it is now. Therefore, the daily traffic grind, regardless of weekdays or weekends, calls for the development of new alternative roads within the city to ease the congestion.

The Penang State Government has identified several roads and tunnel construction projects which are vital for Penang to sustain economically; and to generate an inclusive and well-balanced development to the state.


The table below, adduced from the Penang Transport Master Plan 2013 shows the projected deterioration in the average speed of vehicles travelling in year 2030 if planned roads are not built.

PB Graph.PNG

Level of Service (LOS)

Level of service (LOS) is a qualitative measure used to relate the quality of motor vehicle traffic service. LOS is used to analyze roadways and intersections by categorizing traffic flow and assigning quality levels of traffic based on performance measure like vehicle speed, density, congestion, etc. There are 6 categories under LOS:-

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