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Package 4

Third Link from Persiaran Gurney to Seberang Perai

Package 4.png
Proposed Interchanges

1. Persiaran Gurney

2. Butterworth Outer Ring Road (BORR)

Key Information
  • Undersea Tunnel
  • Total Length - 6.75 km (approximately)
  • Toll Plaza

The proposed third link between Penang Island at Persiaran Gurney to the mainland at Butterworth Outer Ring Road near Bagan Ajam Seberang Prai. 

The 7.2km Penang Third Link will function as a strategic alternative link between Penang Island and the mainland for road users. Two interchanges is proposed to be built to connect the island at Persiaran Gurney and the mainland at Butterworth Outer Ring Road. This link will serve as an alternative link from the current traffic at the Penang Bridge.

Note: The Third Link (proposed Undersea Tunnel) is currently at Feasibility Study stage. The Penang State Government will make an informed decision based on the findings and recommendations of the completed Feasibility Study report. Should the Penang State Government decide to proceed with the Third Link project, an Environmental Impact Assessment will then be conducted for submission to the Department of Environment.

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